Where do I BEGIN??

Okay... here are some HOT PIXX. Sorry I have been so MC Excusebone about updating this piece but my Hiptop blog, Retardular Convenience, is still a baby and needs my undivided attention sometimes.

I hadn't seen Meredith in like over 2 years. Ashlee Simpson haircut and camo. word.

Misty and Zoe. Australia and Vancouver. Foster's and BC Hydro. Kangaroos and cute pro-skater dudes that, while totally hot and vaguely smelly but not in a particularly unpleasant way, are ultimately perhaps poor long-term choices because of their general lack of goal-oriented determination as pertains to supporting a family and such while simultaneously not binge-drinking or whatever. What? I don't know. I'm so baked right now.

We decided we'd both close our eyes for this one ...I guess? Have loyal followers of this amazing diary noticed any FAVORITISM within my sweatshirt collection? I have. I wear this Chloe sweatshirt in what seems like an awful lot of photos. So I guess I must wear it a lot in real life. Glad I just spent like 5 minutes typing that to figure it out.

Nick Flanagan at our party at El Amigo.

Jesse at same party, with someone feverishly grabbing at him, tryin to get a PIECE! Can you feel the EXCITEMENT BUILDING?? Get ready for this...

SEE WHAT I MEAN?!!! Holy shit dudes!!!, you now can tell there were at least THREE PEOPLE at the party on the 22nd!

These pictures lie, there were actually maybe 7 people there at this point, but then me and JF and DB and NF and some MF's all stood around outside getting mass blazed and it was all rad. Mikey gave the gangmembers rides to their respective clubhouses. Whee.

Dave lights "une firework."

No dudes! I swear this was really fun. I know the pictures make it look like the unveiling of a dog turd at the Cloverdale Mall- but I swear we were laughing and oohing and genuinely enjoying everything right before and after this photo.

And I swear no one was tired after the fireworks either. In fact, immediately after I snapped this photo Dave jumped up and was all "Hey! Who wants to hop in my Jetta time-machine and head back to the Limelight in the early 90s and party till dawn with Michael Alig??? Let me just stop back a few years ago and grab my leather pants!"

Obviously, we all said yes, ended up partying for 6 days straight, and that is why I am only NOW getting around to updating this diary. Can you say "biggest K hole EVER"???


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