hotter than a set of twin babies

Today was good. I was awoken first by the alarm clock - signifying that Dale had to get up and take a shower but I just had to lie there like a bitch. The next thing I heard was him asking if he could borrow an umbrella. I said yes. I figured he was still there when the phone rang but I guess I had fallen asleep again. So i was awoken to a phone call from Kurt. We talked for a while. Then he had to go but asked that i call in 5 minutes so I called in 7.

Napped because it was rainy and i had nothing else to do. Went to work. Called Jesse and woke him up. 8pm? Yeah. We went to Shoppers. I got my hair cut. Sebastien presented me with the best cd ever and we all went to the Roxton Road. Highlight? Oh that would be when Dennis almost almost killed the singer of The Neighborhood Gang for getting his 'mansweat' on him.

Tomorrow there is a party. Saturday there is a party. Sunday is the Lord's Day- it is a Jesus party. In the words of Lil' Bow Wow, "Represent that."


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