The Merlot Lowdown

And now, a riveting conversation with a re re from makeoutclub....
Rdwinelover: what do u do
fevrier records: i'm a creative director
fevrier records: and a preteen model
Rdwinelover: how old are you
fevrier records: 22
Rdwinelover: you are a teen model at 22
Rdwinelover: sounds fishy do you look very young
fevrier records: no. now I am just a spokesperson for the teen modelling world. I still pass for a teen.
Rdwinelover: ahh cool
Rdwinelover: cant really see you that well from the pic online
fevrier records: yeah well I have stalkers
Rdwinelover: thats wack. you must be popular
Rdwinelover: lol
Rdwinelover: cute
fevrier records: i am also partially paralyzed
fevrier records: from a coke overdose
Rdwinelover: damn really? i am sorry
fevrier records: so i don't model anymore
fevrier records: and like obviously i have gained some weight since i can't do speed anymore
Rdwinelover: i like big girls
fevrier records: yeah ... enormous breasts
Rdwinelover: wow i am rather hung well also
Rdwinelover: its big and fat i should say
fevrier records: wow. a big fat dick.
fevrier records: you should smash up cars with it
Rdwinelover: i wip girls asses with it
fevrier records: i like when big 60 year old computer geek dungeon masters pour merlot on my huge jugggz.
Rdwinelover: i need a girl who gets really wet so that i can get all of my 13 inches inside
Rdwinelover: do u get really wet
fevrier records: oh ... I don't produce any moisture...we'd have to use a lot of lube

He said he was totally fine with that. I think i found my emotional match and intellectual equal... et vous?

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