The good, the bad, and the possible fatal.

Good Things:

1. Making money
2. Actually making some progress with the whole packing up my stuff to move out of my house thing
3. Bowling in East York.
4. Went down to Bloor West Village and bought fancy foods and Perrier and my favorite magazine: Martha Stewart Baby. No joke.

Bad Things:

1. The internal wrestling I have to go through in order to purchase Martha Stewart Baby. Are people going to think I'm a teen mom or just a total fucking nerd? I had to buy something less 'insane housemom' to go with it... so I picked up British Glamour as well.
2. I don't want to move. I hate moving. Sometimes i have dreams where all my stuff burns away and I am just relieved.
3. Possibly contracted the Hanta Virus. Oops!

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