Olympic Gold / My Hair

Okay you guys- sorry about the delay on my Olympic Fever edition. As it turned out i didn't even HAVE Olympic Fever - I watched men's gymnastics, whitewater canoeing and that's it. More like a 12 hour virus than full-blown fever but I digress.

Paul Hamm doesn't have to give back anything. The drama of his comeback was worth the gold. Just because asian bros have what Karl describes as "monkey torso and micro legs" doesn't mean they have to win. WAUKESHA REPRESENT.

After his perfect dismount I was all set to fly to Wisconsin to give Paul Hamm the sex. Then he was interviewed on camera and ....

MICRO PIGGY VOICE??? What the hell? Is there helium in the air in Athens? I hope so. I was willing to forgive his eyes being so close together but his voice is totally eunech. Guess the only reason to go to Wisconsin now is to have Karl make fun of me in person, or do karaoke with Cristi's parents.

In other, sadder, news- I have a problem I'd like to discuss with you. Now- as you all know, I have amazingly pretty hair. And this almost unnaturally beautiful hair is a large part of why I am better than a decent percentage of you, so it cripples me to say that in recent months it has been falling out at an alarming rate and that soon I shall be no better than a tramp on the street.

So if there are any supplements I should be taking, foods I should be re-evaluating, drugs I should be avoiding or unguents I should be applying- then please leave word in the comments area. I pay $60 a year for your pearls of wisdom so no tips like "I'll come in yr hair! LOL ROFL LMAO!"

Thanks, and goodnight.

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