crosby stills brooks and DUNN?

Last night was the best night of my life. I played Mad Libs in the car on the way to HAMILTON! Some of us had goals for the evening- Meredith wanted to take a dump in Hamilton, I just wanted to get a cheap drink and peep local sluts. Oh we got Krispy Kreme on the way there too and we wore our complimentary KK hats all over Hamilton, Burlington, Oakville, Missisauga and Toronto! WORLD WIDE HUS-A-LUHZ!

Ben from Chicago is "sticking to the plan" which doesn't involve nearly enough Meredith. It was sad, but then Mer peed behind a Tim Hortons and Hatty photographed and it was all better. And we exposed ourselves for the camera. Maggie's ample bosom wins everytime! (photographic evidence to follow)

As lame as Hamilton was (BROOKS AND DUNN!!!!) I still had way more fun there and in the car than I did once I got back to TO and went to one of the pre-ordained events for our supposed "sub-genre" ... it was pretty indistinguishable from anything else I've ever done.

Beth is coming over now for a picnic. I am very thrilled. We won't hesitate to have a good time. I got held up at the health food (cult) store just now. The proprietor wanted to talk to me about inspirational piano music. I said "Am I into it? HELL DAWG! I'm all OVER that shit! The shit INSPIRES me!!!"

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