Do th'ey kn'ow it's Holla-at-yo-ween?

Well do they?
Here are some pics. Go ahead and have a HOT ATTACK!

Unicorns by Philippe Starck.

Our friend Simon wants to enhance the time he spends with you- but who has the time?


I don't know who this is, but I dug his face paint.

Ray as Kenny Rogers, not Michael McDonald of Doobie Bros/Steely Dan fame. In case there are any Q107-type nerds reading.

Fairly weaksauce robot costume/ dancing.

Jelena claimed the wig she was wearing to complete her and Dave's epic Hall & Oates couples-costume was too hot- but she kept the eyebrows. Doesn't Dave look so excited for Halloween?

Mrs. Claus (Slutta Claus??) and Jelena

Simon and Doom!

Thanks for that!

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