Truth Hurts.


I am so enraged right now - I'll do something totally 2nd grade. Remember that last entry where I was all "yay! Dale!" but I had also put "best friend" mysteriously in quotes? I never explained that so let me clarify now. Dale is sort of cookin on another planet half the time, and while I respect many of his qualities he is also kind of.. I don't know... PRESUMPTUOUS? INCONSIDERATE? MANIPULATIVE?

Oh well- enough about that. It's not like I have feelings right? I wear high heels and hang out with cool people, get drunk wearing ironic clothing then write about it in a hypercynical way to imply everything is meaningless or bores me.

But look at these 2 very sad photos of naked prisoners in Iraq....

Just kidding, those are some pictures I must have FORGOTTEN to include in my Dale-related round-up yesterday! Oops!

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