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Wednesday, July 11, 2001
<12:05 a.m.>

So last night Craig and I met up at the Cloak and Dagger for some drinks. I was supposed to be there at 9 but was still at like Christie Station at 9 so I was scared that he'd be all waiting by himself. So I guess I got there at 9:15 or so and he totally wasn't there! I hate that! Haha.. Anyway, he showed up a few minutes later and we imbibed some ciders and trash-talked about our friends and I asked Craig "boy questions."

Shortly thereafter my stalker showed up and was sitting a mere 2 feet from us. I managed to hide myself from view thanks to this pillar and whispered to Craig just WHAT exactly my sudden STRICKEN look, meant. He seemed concerned and sorta had my back as we moved to a booth. I resumed my conversation and Craig expressed concern over the recognizability of my voice. I finished my drink and we snuck out to go to Sneaky Dee's.

Neither of us had work the next day (or in my case, any time in the foreseeable future) so we walked around downtown for about an hour and then I took the streetcar home and Craig went to buy ramen noodles.

Oh!! But the main like HILARIOUS (or I think so) part of the story is something we overheard on Queen St at around 12:30... so we pass this gaggle of jock/stoner dudes and as we go by one of them is like "Dude let's play some fris later! " and another guy is like "Hey, Pizza Pizza! (because there was a Pizza Pizza on the corner) Let's get some 'za and go play fris'!!"

I shit you not... as soon as we were a safe distance away Craig and I both burst out laughing saying like "Yeah! Let's get some 'za and play some ult. fris' and talk all abbreve, back at the res!" and then some joke emerged about alt dot fris' or something... but basically yeah, amusing.

Tomorrow I really need to get my ass a job, this is getting embarrassing. I talked to Michael on the phone today and he said "oh i was just thinking about you." Which, yeah, is odd. But he doesn't have a job either and added "and I'm not as smart as you." awwww.... you're right. ha!

I think I should probably go to bed now... hopefully tomorrow the ebmpire will be back up and running. Actually... I'm kinda hungry... order up some 'za?

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