hack 'n ' snipe, hack 'n' snipe

In addition to a crazed sniper running around the US there is also some crazed hacker trying to bring down all of our 13 global internet servers and totally mess up this diary. I, of course, *being* that hacker, have recently intercepted this conversation between the sniper and someone recently added to his buddy list.

realsniper2K: hello jesse
realsniper2K: this is the sniper
bentonouveau: rad
bentonouveau: you are my hero for real
bentonouveau: keep killing
bentonouveau: never give up
realsniper2K: I had some time off so i thought I'd add you to my buddy list and give you a message to tell the Canadian media
bentonouveau: rad
bentonouveau: wait
bentonouveau: i have advice for you
realsniper2K: tell me jesse i just might need it
bentonouveau: get them to ETF the 10M to a bahamian bank acct
bentonouveau: then get to brazil
bentonouveau: you cant be extradited from there
bentonouveau: then etf from bahamas to rio
bentonouveau: then into cash
bentonouveau: then into diamonds
bentonouveau: then go anywhere you want
realsniper2K: hmmm diamonds.
bentonouveau: un traceable
realsniper2K: well first things first
realsniper2K: i must snipe some more
realsniper2K: but here is my message
bentonouveau: ok
realsniper2K: in addition to children not being safe anywhere at any time .. I am issuing a new warning
bentonouveau: snipe!
realsniper2K: Your pets are NOT safe. anywhere. at any time.
bentonouveau: remember that king of the hill episode
realsniper2K: no. I am a crazed serial killer. I only watch Mork and Mindy
bentonouveau: where they hunted for snipes
realsniper2K: wesley?
realsniper2K: fuck. the feds are on their way to this internet cafe. i have to go. I'll be in contact.

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