Gremlinome sighting.

Yeah so.

I don't remember what I was doing a google image search on, maybe "infant breast augmentation" but anyway, the following photo came up and I immediately clicked to enlarge because I could tell it revolved primarily around the kinship between man and beast.


So like...

one of those dudes is a golden retriever.

Right? Okay so-

Is the other one a ...a werewolf? I FUCKIN CAN'T TELL!! It's either a werewolf or a gremlin/gnome.

Please devote your whole lunch break to this and let me know what you come up with.


Also? Seriously there is so much brown in this photo. When I look at his face, his shoes are in my blind spot and I am convinced he is not wearing shoes (this is also because his shoes are a common shade of caucasian flesh). But I would like to add that if this is from some French-Canadian children's program about preventing animal cruelty or whatever then I am sorry for being such a total asshole/gnome.

Carry on.

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