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I am so hip hoppin glad it's a saturday.... saturdays mean I am not alone in having nowhere to go. During the week everyone is all comin correct with their "JOBS" while I am all "unemployed and shit" you know? Now it's MY time to act like everyone else and tear it up on my "days off" - last night I should have shouted "TGIF!!!" a lot more.... instead i just got a little bit wasted and shouted "Ach! What the shit!!?" after each of the 30 times i fell over the same riser on the dance floor.

Some of this action is even on tape but not my falling, and not Pat O'Brien leaving just as Greg and Beth and I arrived. And not Tom (in a tuxedo) greeting me and Greg so violently that he was almost ejected from the club. Tom asked me to buy him a beer shortly after that so i knew it was love. Oh and he suggested we should get to know each other in the Biblical sense about 28 times. My ass must have looked like a gramma's candy dish because everyone kept grabbin at that shit! For real! Unfortunately the odious GIngerBrian tagged along even though I told him to make himself scarce. I guess I'm not the be all / end all voice of decision I thought I was. Marq effed off to have some "quiet time" like a total Rodney, and Craig, well.... he Craiged. I know most of you don't know these people and this is horribly boring, and because of that i will include this picture of my tits.

After Popscene Dale and his rad girlfriend Karen invited us back to Dale's crib for some (bad) homemade wine, wizzeed and records. I kept saying "Briancan'tcome.Briancan'tcome.Briancan'tcome.Briancan'tcome" until finally I scared the other 8 people into thinking he would steal valuables and he was shunned when the cabs came and was left like a bum on the street.

So yeah! Dale's house is way nice and we made veggie patties and whoa! Jamaicans know how to COOK! We watched those CKY skate videos and everyone was like "Oh my stars... why I never! .. that is disgusting ... they must be CRAZY! "etc. like they were 50 yrs old. I, of course, was totally entranced.

This is why I don't watch TV! Because it doesn't matter what it is - I am not an "educated consumer" when it comes to TV- I will watch bees pollenating flowers for 6 hours or just leave the televangelism network on and bitch at it from another room. Usually, like yesterday morning for instance, I will just watch TVO Kids. I'd like to give a shoutout to my nigga Arthur.

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