Here are some pictures with no really hilarious captions. Sorry. It's the crotch of dawn and I want to update before my mom descends on Toronto for a long weekend of performance-enhancing hugs, shopping and satisfying dining experiences, plus me getting kinda drunk.

These are from the closing of the Vice store on Queen a few weeks ago. I was honestly a little boohoo about it when I first heard in April that it was closing. Not because I ever bought clothes there, not even because I once in a blue moon picked up the magazine there but because I thought I heard a pin sliding out of a map.

These one are from outside Sneaky Dee's later that night when SS Cardiacs was playin. Seems like so long ago I was able to wear a jean jacket and not sweat to death. I miss... seasons.

Jesse, Cheryl, me. in order of appearance.

These are from Dave's night at the Social last Friday.

Next edish: Eva's birthday party. But first! Here is some amazing hair I stealthily snapped at a local Taco Bell...

I at least hope she is enjoying the epic* new Crunchwrap Supreme.

*Seriously epic. Dogs, go to a Taco Bell for lunch and find out for yourself. Vegetarians- ask them to do it with beans (or twigs, berries or feces) instead of ground beef- it's hilariously delish and cheap all at once.

K thx.

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