So I have a lot to say... *sigh*
I am at work right now and this morning it was unbearable because i had the worst headache of my life and all my joints hurt and I was near tears because I mean, really, I went to the best schools in the country (U.S- not Canada honey (although I guess U of T has an alright reputation)) and I am working a data entry job for GMAC in Etobicoke, Ontario, Canada with people for whom this is NOT a temp job to pay their cellphone bills, this is their life. Their sad, defined by spouse, cheap furniture from Leon's, kids eat Lunchables, leave at the stroke of 5, car show/boat show/bridal show lives...

So after I stopped sobbing about that, looking at highschool's web page and wishing i could go back and do things over- differently.

Also at work today i listened to Looper's 'The Geometrid' album. I got this for free, because Davy got two promos and gave me one. It sat shrinkwrapped on my floor for months and I brought it to work today to try and alleviate some boredom. You have got to be kidding me. There is one song where dude is talking about building a robot to write all his songs. Yeah right, blameshifter. Leave the robot out of this- we all know a fuckin Speak 'N' Spell could have made a better album. If you want someone to write your music for you, call Max Martin... or buy Rebirth.

Ho hum... so I went to my friend Dale Ronson's art opening thing last night and talked to some pals I used to hang out with back when I went to OCAD. So we're sitting on these steps and this girl is playing with her tiny son and he is making these unearthly sounds and they looked like they were havign fun so I said something like "Aww! i want one!! Get me one!" know. And I was really surprised that they both said "Noooo! You have to be married!" so I flashed my wedding ring and laughed. Were they joking? But they weren't. I explained that I don't let things like... being unmarried stand in my way. I won't wait for that because what if it never happens and then I have no baby? What a scam! Anyway, they were both going on about "a child should have both parents... a child needs a father... it's not right..." I couldn't believe this. I mean, this is an ART SCHOOL not a GOP convention? So i explained that my parents got divorced when I was young and I don't think I am worse off for not growing up with 2 parents. For sure, it fucked me up a bit as a little kid, and yeah, i missed my dad, i still do, but I had a rad childhood and i would never ever discourage divorce or being a single mom, yadda yadda...

The point is- you could be born to a mom and no dad to speak of and that could be cool, or you could be born to married people and your dad could be an asshole, and your mom could yell at you and let you eat food that's advertised on television. I can physically carry a baby around for 9 months and birth it myself- i *think* I could do the rest by myself too? Can I get a witness?

I'm not pregnant in case anyone is wondering. More later.

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