Hey Hey Hey readers, holiday party season is in full effect for sure! What's up open bar! Parlez-vous wasted? Toute SWEET!

Peep these HOT SNAPS from Tuesday night's Girlie Action Christmas party at Lower East Side hotspot - The Delancey!! Can you dig it?!?!?

Shirley Temple or Shirley TEMPTRESS? Teen singing sensaysh Teeter Sperber somewhere between 2 and 16 cocktails! RadioDisney will NEVER play Ley Royal Scam now!

How much fun are we having? Like so much! I even found it in me to make a retard face to celebrate recent strides in Down's Syndrome research! Strides!

What's up Virgin Records hotshot Dan C. Backhaus? Oh I see you brought a giant ziploc bag full of cookies! THATS SO HOT RIGHT NOW! I'll have a toffee crisp with a side order of 15 vodka tonics! K THX!

HEY NOW!!! What's this...LEY ROYAL SCANDAL? Where's the company xerox machine?!

Can *you* stand how much fun holiday parties are? The bouncer behind these two scalywags can't! He is holding his hands over his crotch to conceal a raging holiday boner! Whoopsie!

What is this, a TEEN MODEL convention? Put me on the list PLUS ONE!!!

Stay tuned for more hot pics from mountains of corporate holiday parties across town! And needless to say, my presence and monumental photography services are available to make *your* corporate holiday party a raging monsoon of success so please send any and all invitations to

Until next time, keep on living the Miller High Life.

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