limping all the way to the bank

Today's wicked hits courtesy of google included :
'drunk drawings'
'picture of my tits'
and 'Kathy Cartoons'

In other news. my mom called me from her cell phone to tell me about a date she just had. As she is talking she suddenly goes "Ooof! oh!" and then nothing for a while then "I just FELL!!" and I am hysterical laughing of course and I guess people came to help her up because she is all "Thank you. Yeah I'm okay.. I think i broke something. ack .. okay OW.. yeah. I definitely did something here" (obviously nothing so serious as to require a break in the conversation) If i had stopped to help her up while she continued to chat on the phone I would have dropped her, but anyway... so she's limping along asking me whether she should go to the hospital or not.

"Fuck! I know I broke something... but i don't want to miss NYPD Blue!" and then a few minutes later, "No. I can NOT have a cast on this foot. I don't have the right pants!..... this SUCKS!!!" I said maybe she should go so she can get her priorities in order and she reluctantly agreed. I should call her I guess. Is NYPD Blue over yet?

hours later
so dudes. my mom BROKE HER GODDAMN FOOT! Her goddamn foot is in a godforsaken CAST, muthafuckas and she has crutches and the whole NINE! Can you STAND IT? I feel mass bad for her. She has never broken anything! Send her an email here. That would be nice of you.

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