somewhere between stupid and pointless.

Why can't another company make a razor as good as the Gillette Mach3 so I don't have to feel like I'm skinning rabbits alive everytime I shave? Gillette sucks.

I can't stand disposable razors anymore and since I , how do I put this, attend thoroughly to rather sensitive areas on a regular basis, I just can't risk the damage inflicted by their inferior quality.

One time last summer I was at my country house with my mom and she wanted to buy the Venus and I would not allow it because it was the 'girl version' of the Mach3 and it just seemed like an ugly lump of gender-specific plastic with tits. (okay- and just FYI, this is about as far as my "politics" go. Who is the King of Lithuania? I don't know. Where is sodomy illegal? Oh...probably the south) Anyway, she bought something else instead. The next day i had an incident in the tub akin to thee Boston Massacre and showed my mother some evidence of this while yelling that she bought cheap razors and "look what you did to me!!"

Then she reminded me that the only reason she bought them was because of my dumb ban on the Venus. So yeah. This story doesn't have much of a point but i guess just illustrates how I am stubborn and stupid.

Either that or I just wanted to insinuate that I keep it all porn-star style.

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