so gay.

21 January 2002

So I thought it would be funny like as a lil lark to tell everyone I was talking to at the time on instant messenger that I was "gay now" (oh I'm not though if you couldn't already tell from my sappy ass boycrazed diary)

defektimonstro: DOLPHIN PATROL
fevrier records: YES!!!
fevrier records: we will put CANADA on the mapada!!!
fevrier records: I'm gay
defektimonstro: we will put earth on the cosmic map!
defektimonstro: the aliens will be like, earth? oh yeah thats where dolphin patrol is from
fevrier records: hahahahahahah
defektimonstro: only in their strange alien languages
fevrier records: yeah. they'll be like "look at that gay in Dolphin Patrol!"
defektimonstro: Hahh
defektimonstro: and theyll be pointing at me

fevrier records: I'm gay
la bella lugosi: brooklyn stand up
la bella lugosi: im feelin this yo
fevrier records: I'm gay though
la bella lugosi: roccin niggaz

fevrier records: I'm gay
ReeMonster (my cousin): oh cool film it.
fevrier records: yeah? okay. I just thought you should know
ReeMonster: no problem.

fevrier records: I'm gay
cellsdividing: you and your fagnets
fevrier records: yes
fevrier records: I've gone gay

fevrier records: I'm gay
my mom: wha wha wha wha????
fevrier records: i'm totally gay
fevrier records: i'm glad you're cool with it

fevrier records: I'm gay
eggstone2000: y
fevrier records: that's okay?
fevrier records: that I'm full-on gay?
eggstone2000: dude
eggstone2000: i don't fucking care. i like you how you are, whether or not you're full on gay. but that's just me and my opinion, and not --like-- every other worthless fuck on the face of the earth. i don't know what they think about being full-on gay, and i kind of don't care.

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