Like being stung by a million bees at once

So I was Googling for something the other day- something to do with the medical profession but I forget what. Anyway, I found this homeopathic self-diagnostic site where you type in or select symptoms you are suffering from and it tells you what herbs and stuff you should buy.

They really want to do a good job so for each part or function of your body they list about 4000 things that could possibly be fucked up about it.

Below you'll find two examples about skin, where i have added my notes in red.

Okay is "as if infested by lice" an industry term? How about "filthy skin" ?

I'm also curious as to what "unusual parts" I could possibly grow skin upon. Because, correct me if I'm wrong- I'm fucking covered in the stuff and you'd be hard pressed to find an inch of me that is not in some way covered with skin- with the exclusion of 'the surface of my eyeballs' and while I'm pretty sure I'm not going to sprout a baby arm out of my eyeball, such a situation *could* be described as "unusual" I suppose.

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