Love's going out of fashion?

andrew: hey i just watched the big episode of POPSTARS - THE ONE. i know who the winner was!

andrew: everyone who didn't watch that terrible terrible shit

So this weekend was one for the archives. Death From Above show at the 360 was an A+. Taking pictures in the alley afterwards? A+. Dale lying naked in the snow? Priceless. Hell, even Dance Cave was surprisingly fun as it involved getting drunk and violent.

Dale and Dan went to Montreal the next morning and Karen and I took over the house. We had an impromptu party later that night with 20 of our nearest and dearest.

Masia's penthouse party earlier in the evening was also great times. I broke a heel! So did Cheryl! Two broken heels in one night! If that is not Fun with a capital F i don't know what is.

Yesterday Keeler, Sebastien and Dennis swung by my work and I snuck them up to the roof for the Death from Above photo shoot. It went rather well. Then, you know, ....home, food, sleep.

Effexor is neat.

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