When you wish upon a star in Texarkana....

Last night was FAN-tastic even though Fantonio was nowhere in sight. The elusive Sebastien Grainger came out to Evil Genius as did the lovely Beth Graham. Best part of the night? Well, five-way tie.
1. Jay-Z and Beyonce 'Crazy in Love'

1. Young Mark accidently wacked Suzy in the face while they were dancing. Beth spit on Greg's arm while we were all sitting down. Spit isn't the right word. More like "slimed" .... so Suzy got smacked and Greg got slimed... on their wedding day! The two most insane people I know, now MARRIED. To each OTHER!

1. Some Mod Club tards tried to bum rush the door without paying and I guess one of them called Mike's brother an asshole. Yeah, rad idea guy- now your nose is broken. oops. The other awesome part was the two 5' tall jewish girls pulling Dave's hair and saying stuff like "My dad is a SENATOR!!! Now get OFF of him! "

1. Dancing with my boyfriend

1. Dennis Chow.

I'll post the pictures when I get them from the soccer goth.

Tonight: baseball, Christie Pits
2 house parties.

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