Sorry about shit. Sometimes this diary is a real fucking drag and I wish I didn't feel obligated to come write in it. Or avoid it because I don't want to let people know I'm still living. I am! But I work everyday at the crotch of dawn and get home and am tired and neglect things I really need to be doing.

And every night my mom is like "Do you want some jell-o?" and every night I'm like "FUCK! Ponies are for riding- not eating!"
Like when was the last time I ate fucking Jell-o??!? It's not even a good dessert! FUCK A JELL-O!

I was in Canada last week and in that week my stress level plummeted to an acceptable low and my skin cleared up.

Now I am back in New York and my back hurts so bad I cry about 5 times a day, my face is always flushed and I want to murder just about every person I come in contact with.


Good things about New York:

good water pressure
Alex Tween
Andrew Andrew

Bad things about New York:

Everything else.

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