i am going to use the word fuck a whole fucking lot right now

October 11

To anyone that cared: The ElMo is No Mo'.
The money has changed hands, papers have been signed and the management has bought Ted's/Barcode. This news will all be made public soon enough. I'm really fucking sad about it though. Lame as it sounds, the El Mocambo was like a second home! (albeit one with more puke, more noise, and less toilet paper on tap than mine) It just goes to show you that being one of those people that like... care and stuff.. doesn't make a difference. Got dollas? You can write your ticket.

I'm not particularly surprised, nor am I anti-money, per se. I'm anti-whoever bought the Elmo. I'm anti-the money hungry opportunist unsentimental fuck who sold them the ElMo. I'm anti-CBC. But interestingly enough, I'm not anti-arson. You wanted the ElMo? You fuckin got it.... DOUSED WITH GASOLINE, ON FIRE AND WORTHLESS. See you on November 1st.

Oh and while I'm ranting and raving like a lunatic... can I just put my two cents in about Al-Qaeda?
Why the fuck would I trust or even listen to, a bunch of dudes who don't even know that 'u' follows 'q' ? what the fuck?

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