When planes crash, they call me (that's what it's all about)

"So you guys are like garage rock emulating classic rock with pop sensibilities"

People say the dumbest shit and it's hilarious.

I'm both happy and sad to leave New York tomorrow- I mean, we did get to meet the legendary Frank Santora in a pizza place in Brooklyn. He kissed the hands of Zoe and myself and made me write down his cell phone number on the back of his business card. Then he showed up some pictures of his rolls royce (one of them), his horses, and him hanging with Donald Trump.

"Who's the tough guy here? Who's this?" he kept saying.. then he kept telling us what it was "all about" (family, having a good time, respect)...and after each picture he would say, "Wait it's get better!" He would also sometimes kiss the pictures.

Anyway- It was great. I bet Frank Santora has a picture of Sinatra in his office that has so many kiss marks the photo is just worn clean through.

Anyway, Alex Tween is over at my house and here I am writing in my diary.


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