Be Not Afraid.

So dudes. So much has happened since my last day at work! I have applied the liquid tan, bleached my teeth, cut down on carbs (and become a hooker?) ..NO! I flew to Canada, hung out in Detroit, got in a car accident and secured the most radical apartment and practice space for the SUMMER OF DESTRUCTION. CANADIAN EDISH!

And worry not, my whiplash is fading. But yo- when you rent a car and they're like, "Want the $30 insurance that will prevent you from having to pay the $1000 it will cost when an asleep-at-the-wheel 83 year Scots git rear-ends the shit out of you in Windsor?" say "yes" and not "not yes."

DUDES! I know that's why you turn to my diary! It's not for pictures of HOT CHIXX and photoshop composites of small dogs! It's for sound financial advice, and I do not blame thee.

My fiscal wizardry is unbending.

Moving on! I am totes looking for a job in any capacity! Well, specifically telecommute or based in Toronto, and pertaining to graphic design tomfoolery, word tinkering, art direction/destruction and handjobs.

Keep those ears peeled and your eyes to grindstones! Over and out!

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