Gin and Tronics

Pound you with more pictures? Sure. They keep making themselves happen and I am not to stand in the way of "art."

Like just the other night, Cristi and Lila (who pulled up on the back of her zanydad's motorcycle?) and myself went to go see Alex's band The Forms play at Northsix. Managed to see the last 1.5 songs! Totally time-managed to the max!

Lila was a photography major at NYU. I think that's obvious from this photo she took of me and C-town in the Northsix "lobby."

After the show, Cristi, Lila, Jackson, Cecilia, and myself piled into Alex's car to go to Trash (or was it garbage? who can say!). I guess Alex really is made more magical by the fact that he has a car, but a lot of randos seem to expect rides all the time, like the girlfriends of acquaintances- and they always need to go somewhere fucked up like Massepequa.

But Alex rules and I always ride in the front. No one ever even challenges this.

Some pool was played. Not by me though- Elizabeth Mann doesn't go to a bar to play fucking SPORTS.

I go to make out with HOT CHICKS.

When Karl saw this picture his exact comment was...

"oh jeez, lesbo shit
no wonder why you guys dont like george bush"

Okay totally. The next day, Cristi came out to the Hamptons and we shopped a lot and went to the beach on Sunday where I got the jiggiest sunburn! Cancer future, yes! And C-town mounted this bike that had this rando Bud Light grafitti on it!

Okay nazi sympathizers! Stay tuned for some pictures of me lying in the road! XOXOX

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