A spy in the house of drugs

I'll make this entry quick and uninteresting so I can move on to what you (or is it me?) really want to see: 200,000 pictures of Jesse Keeler and Sebastien Grainger ripping New York an entirely different kind of asshole, and letting the drunkest girls in the world sell merch for them. (me and cristi)

Now please, luckiest diary reader in the world, enjoy these whatever photos or me, kurt and trish hanging at the Fish and then eating food.

Who the fuck is Dave Burns? I don't know. More like this dude thinks he's DAVE Cross meets DAVE Chappelle and ends up about as entertaining as Ohio senator DAVE Goodman (R).

Kurt gave this photo a name and it had something to do with lithium but I forget. Let's just say he is gesticulating wildly in a vain attempt to fully realize the cosmic fortuitousness that has led to us being in the SAME bar as Dave Burns at 3am on a Wednesday.

Only one of the people in this picture let the police run over their bicycle.

GREAT GORGE. I really do love the $2 meals available at Punjabi, I don't love (as much) the harrassment of passing drunktards when I sit on a stoop outside and eat them- but whatever- food wins.

Since I only first left the house at 2am to meet Kurt and Trish who had been rehearsing all day/night, I was all amped at 4:30 to go somewhere else, however we all wisely decided against it after a few minutes. My Jeckyll and Hyde theatrics with regard to balancing social/professional, day/night lives has got to get a grip. Right?

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