Did you guys have a partified Christmas?? Ours was SO GOOD. In fact, the whole trip has been hella awesome thus far despite having to drive a HUGE PICKUP TRUCK. Mikey got tons of clothes including some sick Silas jeans, loads of books, a subscription to Harper's and a rice cooker. I got an external hard drive, this one-of-a-kind Team Macho shirt, a nightgown, aprons, the new Martha cookbook, a rad lamp, books, a subscription to Domus and more!

So, some of you wanted to hear about my stand-up comedy debut at The Drake Hotel's monthly Joke Club as hosted by Nick Flanagan. Well, it was pretty decent. I had a few drinks (but not too many) beforehand- as many had suggested but the point is - I wasn't nervous at all anyway so I didn't feel more relaxed by the drinks or anything. That is- I didn't *think* I was nervous. Even as I stepped onto the stage, I thought "It's not like I'm gonna be the worst person here... I don't really care about being the best... right?" But yo- as soon as Nick handed me the mic - it was Shake City, USA! Supes nervous- all lump in my throat, lights blinding my eyes, semi-clumz style dropping of notecards. Oy vey. I mean.... my friends congratulated me and overall I felt good about it and was proud that I did it at all you know? I was told my voice was even shaking, and because it only took me about 25 years to come up with the material, you can look forward to my next engagement in the year 2030.

K whatever. Here are the pictures Mikey took. You can almost tell it's a girl standing somewhere!


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