Moving up? Naw, moving EAST.

Lots of round-the-clock hanging with Dale and K-Rock and folks. Saw a pretty bad movie, but ate a falafel during it so who cares. Breakfast in the Beaches, watched the Beerwolf party video AGAIN- nearly peed my pants. Went down to Kensington with Jesse and Kevin and hung out in Davy's store. I think I am getting sick. I need to clean the rabbit cage and do some errands before I go to New York.

DFA!!!!! I am so excited . I love when Toronto pals come to my hometown and get their chill on. No sleep till Brooklyn, INDEED.

What else? Oh! I stole one of those World Youth Day backpack things from some sleeping teen on the subway! Classic! Hell, I didn't even know Latvia had its own passport! Guess I'll add it to the collection.

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