very sleepy in early feb

February 1st 4:31 am

So I've been up for what seems like a million years

and I'm really trying to get the ebMpire looking nice...but i'm quite tired and my

pants hurt and I ate too much today...oh and my scanner's broken and my rent check

is going to bounce... Micheal is being a grump. My father was running from the law

in Tuscon. But now he's in LA. My stepmom has taken to praying. I am crocheting a

blanket in the form of a French flag. I am currently reading both David Foster

Wallace's 'Brief Interviews with Hideous Men' and Harmony Korine's 'A Crack-Up

at the Race Riots. The drummer from My Morning Jacket? Yum. Content is king.

whatever. goodnight.

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