your girlfriend's dead and you've got blood on your stereo system

So I've been spending a lot of time in bed with a beautiful new friend... he's so smart and powerful. He sings songs to me and stays up all night. Oh and he is chrome so I can check my make-up. He is a dual processor G4? OMG! Score!

I hung out with my boss last night and stayed at her lovely lakeside apartment. When I left today I walked by the lake and looked at boats. I had my first of what was to be many olfactory memories today! It's like I'm pregnant but minus the whole fetus-in-womb thing and the nausea and uncontrollable sobbing basically just the sense of smell part. Anyway. So today smelled like 'winter' ...then later I was waiting at a bus stop and it felt like this day 2 years ago when I was going out with Michael ...then I got off the streetcar an hour ago... and it smelled like the Quogue Field Club and then it must have smelled like ice cream sandwich too because I really really wanted an ice cream sandwich. Still do.

I have been coming up with little movie ideas in the bathtub. Yeah I have power meetings with myself in the jacuzzi- it's where I do all my best thinking. I used to say public transport was where I did all my best thinking - but now that I live in crackland I mainly like to look out the window and laugh.

But yeah, now that I have a computer that is strong enough to blow up an eastern seaboard state or disable the odd terror network I can make movies. I think my computer is also banned in Korea, but whatever- so is sex.


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