Dale Ronson from Oshawa is a fag, pt. II

dece digital: what did you do?
fevrier records: nothing
fevrier records: dale came over last night
dece digital: hahhaha dreamcast!
fevrier records: he didn't even let us play dreamcast
fevrier records: AGAIN
dece digital: hahhahahhahahhaha
dece digital: what a gay
fevrier records: i know
fevrier records: he said "let's watch TV for 15 minutes and then we can play"
dece digital: just punch his face
fevrier records: P.S. 2 hours later- NO Dreamcast
dece digital: you have ps 2?
fevrier records: no. "p.s." 2 hours later, no dreamcast
dece digital: oh
dece digital: hahhahhaha
dece digital: word
fevrier records: post script?
dece digital: huh?
dece digital: oh!!
dece digital: ok
dece digital: not playstation
fevrier records: what ps stands for
fevrier records: yeah...
dece digital: sorry i'm retarded
fevrier records: yeah

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