I wanna get lost in your rock'n'roll and drift away.....

Here is what I am really obsessed with:

Bombarding LiteFM's online request form as a means of freeing myself from the prison of..well having to listen to LiteFM 9.5 hours a day at work and having already been yelled at for listening to my discman and and with a new iPod burning a hole in my pocket and over a 1000 songs and even audiobooks at my disposable and none of them are by Sheryl Crow or Dido or the Tempurpedic swedish sleep system developed by NASA and I swear to God if I hear that same fuckin Simply Red song ever again I am going to commit workplace homicide.

UPDATE: It's 3:13pm. So far I have requested The Police- So Lonely, The Beatles- Dear Prudence, Willie Nelson - You Were Always on my Mind, Wings- Band on the Run, A-ha - Take on Me, CCR- Bad Moon Rising, and Simon and Garfunkel - Kodachrome.

Then "Claire" requested Billy Joel's 'Uptown Girl' and "Tammy" chose Dionne Warwick's 'Trains and Boats and Planes' ...

I didn't want to make all my requests with the same name/age/email so I created 34 year old Tammy and 27 year old Claire. I dont feel comfortable speaking for imaginary people *older* than Tammy and Claire, and we did an awesome job. I mean, I wanted to request things that they COULD feasibly play and would give a hot lick to their current ClearChannel-payola-bullshitcicle. I don't think LiteFM is ever gonna hit us with the new Dizzee Rascal or A.R.E. Weapons - but Warwick? I think they could handle Warwick.

P.S. Claire forgot to mention she also requested 'Last Time I Saw Richard' by Joni Mitchell.

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