joey lawrence is like "whoa!"

Okay so I'm not just gonna leave that picture there by itself. Alex Tween reminded me that I (we) have a little story to tell!! So-
the other night Alex and I met up to drive around, listen to hip-hop, eat at Rice (Mott St. go go go!), terrorize a certain web design firm's offices, but most importantly, go have drinks at the restaurant where MARK IBOLD from Pavement now works as a bartender.

So we go in and no one is behind the bar and we're like "ehn whatev, we'll have a drink..." but then I spot him! mmmm... corduroy. So anyway, I don't know if I was blushing- I don't think I do that. But Alex and I took seats at the bar and I looked at Mark and ordered 2 gin and tonics and Mark. Made. Them.

We wondered whether he liked this. I couldn't see why not but Alex kept whispering to me "this i so sad" WHY?! Because someone USED to be in a rad band and is STILL hot? Because Stephen Malkmus has turned into a bitchy queen with a "solo career"? We resumed semi-normal conversation and were talking about airline travel and Sept 11th. "hahah alex- I almost just said "hit the plane down" ha ha ha" This kicked off a little game of sorts where Alex and I would try to work Pavement titles and lyrics into our conversation. We were cracking up but every time Mark looked over we'd straighten up "he-hem, so ANYWAY, this ONE time...."

I wonder if people go in there all the time just to see if it's really him. I wonder if still others go in there and talk his ear off about Lollapalooza 95 blowing through their one horse town... Alex and I wanted to say "OH MY GOD!! WERE YOU IN.. IN....IN FREE KITTEN?!??" but we didn't...we weren't that drunk.

At dinner, Alex described Mark's drink making skills as average. guffaw. Mark honey, you can mix my drinkz ANY day of the week.
Can I just say that I think Pi is a really fuckin boring movie? Okay. Thanks.

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