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Oh diary- would you be able to tell me when I'm being played? No, you wouldn't. It's okay- I'm hip.

Anyway. Here are a bunch of pictures from when Flanagan was here shocking America by announcing that his testicles were filled with shit.

Here is Flans hanging with everyone's favorite baldy, David Cross.

Then Gavin took on this really fun cab ride! Whoa!

The next night quickly degenerated into drunken idiocy. Thanks Pianos! Thanks drink tickets! The last 2 were part of an ad campaign I am doing for Red Bull. I have no idea whose bike that is or why we were sitting on it. Oh well.

Then there was mexican food and drinks, then I ran into a friendster- Patrick! Cristi and Bella left to go hang with Jay-Z and Pharell, while me, Nick, Eunice and Dan went to my house to smoke a bunch of pot before going to Patio. Nothing like ENSURING you'll be socially inept at a party where you don't really know anyone.

There's more photos but I don't want you to grow a beard while you wait for them to load. So. Next time?

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