Worst Update

Stop hasslin' me, dudeballs! I've been really busy looking for jobs on the internet as well as expanding my social network to include more than just some chicks I've known since age 5/age 14. (Granted, those bitches will always be topnotch bitches)

Anyway. What else? Oh, I finally peeped the Deadwood finale- that was great. Had an excellent burrito...blazed with Graham Smith...bought some Dolce & Gabbana pants... paid a visit to the Lemon Ice King of Corona... sorta saw Vietnam play at Union Pool...and arm-wrestled some massage therapist in a bar. In no particular order. Or rather, of course there was a particular order but I'm not going to make it chronological for you just for chronology sake. But if you can get me some chronic, logically, I'll arrange those events anyway you like- including all over your face.

One thing: Last night I was zooming along in a cab and passed a Subway that actually had a neon sign in the window that said, "We bake our own bread!" - like, NO WAY! You can only SMELL that shit from like 9 blocks away.

Did you know it's one of Deirdre's most-hated smells whereas I don't particularly mind it and sometimes it even makes me hungry? Well, now you do. LOLzipan!

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