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Here is an interview with me that I just pulled off as I am too lazy and uninspired to do a real entry right now ?

who has the worst disguise in superhero history??
Hands down.

If you met your idol (be it designer, musician, artist, writer, actor/actress--whomever), and could only say five words to them, what would those five words be? (i guess?)

What makes people think you are interesting?
that woud be my ability to bend metal with my mind.

Your favorite colour is?
neon brown

Your favourite brand? Why?
Courreges. Leica. Apple.

What the fuck?

You have 24 hours to live, what do you do?

Whose work might you say has influenced you?
Steely Dan

How much wood could a woodchuck chuck if a woodchuck could chuck wood?
can't they?
I don't know. I'd have to say the amount of wood chucked would be directly proportionate to both size of aforesaid woodchuck and augmented only slightly by competitive spirit- vis a vis how many pecks of pickled peppers that fuckin other dude picked. you know?

What makes you happy?
good music, making out, rad design, urban exploration, cute underwear

Who do you NOT admire?
GWB, people who read Emigre, those afflicted with Elephatitus, anyone who has appeared on 'Whose Line is it Anyway?' , pro-lifers, small dogs

Complete the sentence: I just can't stop ______
thinking of a witty response to this question. oh fuck it.

Do you jive?
i jump, jive and then, and only then, do i wail.

What time do you go to bed?
usually when the sun comes up

What are you listening to?

What color are your shoelaces?
neon brown.

Which people do you most respect?
my mom, guiliani, the dudes at Rinzen and vicki wong

How much coffee do you drink anyway?
coffee is so ill. I am all about tea and gatorade

How many pairs of left shoes do you have?
what? i have no pairs of left shoes as I am not a victim of polio. I think i have around 22 pairs of shoes though

What do you think about the experimental interactive art scene?
I'm more into the introspective extra mental art scene really.

Where is your mother right now?
the hamptons

What stimulates you the most?
oral sex. dexedrine

What did you dress as for halloween this year?
i got dumped on halloween (2 years ago)so i think i wore a nightgown to the bar and got my slant on

What does your nickname mean?
my nicknames in reality are : e-beth, hoopty, and Liquid Banjo. I don't need to elaborate. Kit Carter is not a nickname. it's a way of life.

Pets: dogs, cats, or dinner?
rabbit named cleo. people often ask is she is related to Miss Cleo, and they are both black so obviously the answer is a resounding YES

Got a favorite cartoon character?
any character from Achewood. And Kevin Spencer.

best site? worst site?
best site: diaryland, specifically mine.
worst site: that Kottke guy. *yawn*

hottest human being?
that would be me

everything but crack basically.

Do you play any instruments ? if so, what ?
i play tons. all terribly. but I guess if i had to pick a favorite, I'd like to say- my pancreas. I've been wailing on it for just over 22 years.

Pencil or pen?
oil-soaked rag

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