Out with the Queen mum, In with JESUS!!

Last night Beth and I went to see Femme Fatale and it was pretty slammin even though the set was short and we couldn't hear the vocals. Pal of old, Justin Smith, was there looking happy as ever. Or about as happy as people look before they slit their wrists. I'm not into that. I'm not "sympathetic to the problems of others" especially when those problems DON'T REALLY EXIST.

Sorry. I'm all pissed because my landlord has taken a bath every two hours all day and keeps using all the hot water. He called and I shouted something like "WHAT THE FUCK??? I'M FUCKING DIRTY, DUDE!!" and he just laughed and said that no one has ever said that to him before. And i said if he wasn't going to drive me to an International Cake Expo I didn't really feel like talking anymore.

The Clinic show is tonight and it's going to rip hard. I hope a bunch of turds don't show up and make it all gay for me. I got Greg and I on the list. Totally SLAMMIN! We want to start a Clinic ripoff band and our songs will all be like "O.P.P" (Ontario Provincial Police) "TTC" (Toronto Transit Commission) etc... I guess that is sort of a joke with a very small audience. Sorta like how at the Mooney Suzuki show when everyone was yelling for "Everytime" I was shouting "COFFEE TIME" and Greg started chanting "BURGER TIME"

Okay, I am going to take everyone's advice and "go fuck myself" now. Happy Bunny Day.
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