for all ma DOGS ON DEATH ROW

i almost didn't want to add an entry because my comments board was raging with such brilliance ... but I'll just post some links and conversations with my fiance, alex tween. (it still even SOUNDS hilarious)

We like to trash random news stories... like this one...

Alextween: wait, so what's up with that news story?

fevrier records: oh it's just seemingly written by a 5 yr old with down's syndrome

Alextween: hahahahaha....

Alextween: e.g. "one of the dead people was responsible"

Alextween: i see [responsible] dead people


Alextween: "The victims were all found in or near a living room."

fevrier records: "a living room"

Alextween: hey, let's go have dinner in or near a restaurant. i have to go in or near my bathroom in a minute.

Then there was this story....

Alextween: GARFIELD, N.J. -- An 80-year-old woman was mauled to death by two pit bull dogs that she had known since they were puppies, Bergen County authorities said Tuesday.

fevrier records: oh dear

Alextween: "The family is distraught. These animals were their pets without any incidents in the past

Alextween: "the family is distraught" --- uh, yeah, no shit.

fevrier records: without incidents...well... except for that one time they ripped another one of their pets, Mr. Bingles, to shreds

Alextween: it's like, "a woman was killed by her pet pit bulls on monday. she is now dead, having been killed."

fevrier records: i hate that... when brutal killings end in death.... leaving distraught family members everywhere.... but probably in or near a living room

Alextween: hahahah...

Alextween: the article ends with this line: A phone at the Mazziotto residence rang unanswered Tuesday afternoon.


Alextween: They owned the dogs, which will be euthanized within three days, Molinelli said.

Alextween: i don't understand why it takes 15 years to execute anybody. i mean, why do they have to wait three days?

fevrier records: yeah..

Alextween: like, it's not like the dog's lawyers are going to file an appeal

That's all for now! Please stay tuned for Part II tomorrow ... or later today depending on how bored I get!

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