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Tonight was nice. I started out in a bad mood.. but it turned out to be a result of a 'craving for juice' which was quickly satiated with our (karen, dale and myself) trip to No Frills in the rain. So much juice was purchased in fact that we filmed a short movie about it.

Dan and Dale left the house to go have boy party. karen and I did our makeup, filled up my bag with booze and took the strretcar to Hot Times for girl party. Boy Party met up with Girl Party an hour or 2 later and Block Party met up with both parties shortly thereafter. Then Hot Times turned to Tepid Times so we stuffed Dale in Jesse Keeler's trunk, ripped up the parking ticket and hit thte road. The road paved the way to a party that had already ended. We cared not for we had cake waiting at home. The Seaton street youths poured out of the car and bid our pals a dieu...

Karen ate cake while Dale crawled up to bed...karen joined him while I challenged Dan to some Dreamcast combat. Yeah, I beat him 11 consecutive times in Marvel vs. Capcom. I even switched controllers with him after beating him 8 times because i thought maybe my handicap was programmed wrong or something. But no, I just really can whip that boys ass at fighting games. Is that crushing for a boys ego? When a girl totally pummels him in a videogame? Please answer using my new comments function which costs me $60 a year.


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