Not a "yes" man, more like a "whatevs" man.

I'm restless.

I quit smoking again- not that anyone has bothered to notice or be like "Good for you."

I'm sick of my face and hair. I'm sick of my clothes. I'm sick of saying "okay" all the time. I'm sick of being afraid of everything. I'm sick of the tapeloop of thoughts I can't shut off but refuse to talk about. I'm sick of pining for a place that never did me any favors, like I'm sick of staying in a place that isn't doing me any now.

When I die I don't want the word that sums up my entire existance to be "Meh."

I mean, at least my pal Greg gets in knife fights. With himself.

Sorry. I'm just thinking out loud here. Go back to drug haze 04.

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