I push things out through my mouth, I get refilled through my ears.

Okay, I want to talk about synchronicity, dudes!

Like peep this-

So last night Alex and I hung out and went to Galapagos to see The Red and The Black play. Then we drove to Rockaway to drop some stuff off and pick some stuff up. As was mentioned in a previous entry- I really enjoy car trips with Alex, although unlike in the previous entry- Alex's car stereo is now completely broken, so no nostalgia. Anyway. Then I got home and went to sleep.

I had this dream that Alex was like "I need to drive to Texas to drop some stuff off and pick some stuff up" so I got to come and I was extremely excited. I packed a boom box and all these snacks and was like YES! Texas!! I love Texas and I love car trips with Alex. Win-Win. And then in the dream I became obsessed with the idea of stopping at Graceland on the way there. (In reality I don't really care about Graceland) But yeah I was super stoked on Graceland and super stoked on Texas. Then I ran into Todd Barry on the street. In my dream Todd Barry was from Texas and I was like "Hey Uncle Todd, I'm going to Texas!" (In the dream he wasn't my uncle but I like to call people uncle sometimes. Also in the dream he was really excited to hear about my going to Texas)

Okay that is basically the whole dream but dig this-

So I get up and hang around for a bit then Conan comes on Comedy Central and yo! Todd Barry is on. Rad. Then SNL reruns come on. Musical guest? Paul Simon and Willy Nelson. Song they perform? Graceland.


It was at this point I put on my M*A*S*H sweatshirt in the vain hope that Alan Alda would come over and make a woman out of me.

No shit.

---- UPDATE -----
Okay gang. Because I've put you through nearly 3 years of this diary I'd thought I'd start something new. This new part of the entry process will be called "Karl Says" and will last as long as I am friends with a guy named Karl.

Todays "Karl Says" is in the form of his review of the movie Amelie. Here goes.

"Amelie is this: perfect movie for every indie rock chick (and dude who wants pussy) to fall in love with, think theyre the chick, think french is awesome and wish their life was that artsy and cute. it sucks my dick."

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