sex, drugs, and pictures of cute little animals

Ugh. It's 3:40 and i am just now crawling out of my coffin and greeting the day with swollen eyes and jacked-up knees. I swear to God I am an elderly man in a REALLY HOT 21 YEAR OLD GIRL'S BODY!!

Okay sorry, I just wanted to say 'really hot 21 year old's body'... I don't think I really qualify as one but Lord knows there's enough evidence for decision-making on my dumb website that no one goes to.

So my pal called from Chicago last night at around 3 something and we talked till about 6 something a.m. He was a tad drunk and wanted to talk about all his girl problems and i was a tad stoned and wanted to draw pictures of bunnies- so it all worked out. Except that I totally can't draw to save my life (see below) and every conversation I ever have turns into:
"So do you like to be tied up?"
"No, I'd rather be forcibly restrained with just someone's hands."

The weird thing is that this kid thinks sex is really gross.
" actual penetration or the whole idea of sex grosses you out?"
"Like all of it really. I mean, it's just kinda gross."
"You mean even when you're having it, you think it's gross?"
"No then I think it's kind of awesome, but I mean yeah it's still pretty gross you have to admit..."
"I don't know... I never really thought of it as gross."

And so on and so forth until we had covered every topic and unspoken rule there is to talk about. I'd post more about that because it was comical but I mean my mom's coworkers read this? Very educational indeed.
Maybe the following will clear things up:

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