Livin better now, Gucci sweater now...

Hey dawgs!

Sorry I'm late. I've been meditating with dogs! It all started Thursday morning when I woke up at 7am on my day off because it was too hot to sleep. So from 7am to 9am I just looked at dogs on the internet. Local animal shelters,, Greater New York Pug Rescue... dogs, dogs, dogs!!

And I am SO AMPED on dog ownership right now. I got back in bed and was all talking in my sleep about small dogs and how great dogs were. I was also a little bit crying because I can't have ALL dogs.

In memory of this time in my life (2 days ago) I have created the following pieces of dog "fan art"...

I would love to hang out with this particular dog but also almost any other dog!! I got to hang out with 1,2,3,FOUR dogs on my recent trip to BC and it was great. Dogs know what time it is. Like I care that they don't know anything about CSI or that Mary-Kate is in rehab. That's refreshing! Plus? They'll eat whenever so we have a lot in common. Some dogs even like naps.

Sure, going out and drinking at clubs can be alright but it would be more fun if a bunch of dogs were gettin crazy too. Nightclubs are totally racist against dogs!! (Start a letter-writing campaign)

Oh, and you think I'm above making out with a dog? Think again! Even in the worst JPEG ever, my true feelings remain the same- I'm really into adorable dogs.

Thanks for listening.

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