Wack Traxx with DJ Data Entry!

I was kinda late for work today because I walked all the way to the dumb bus stop before realizing I had left my dumb swipe card in my dumb house! grrr. So now I have to stay a bit later... but thankfully I now bring 20 cds to work to keep me occupied. The greatest of which is the cd that TC just made me!

But yeah, the first day, I had no music, the second day I thought, I bet I could bring cds here, the third day I brought 3. That was not enough. Now I bring 20. I was thinking it would be hilarious to keeping upping the ante, like by the end of my employment if I set up two turntables and a mixer on my desk and just rocked with my headphones while conducting my own little DJ set... maybe get a mini strobe light and have some people just dance behind me like they were my posse.

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