I'll have seconds!!

OMG!! Sorry it's taken me so long to write but I was unable to update whilst the Supreme Court was busy deciding on whether or not to reinstate my feeding tube!

Thankfully for me (and for you, readers!) they decided last night to reinsert the tube and if you've ever tried pushing a whole plate of porcini raviolis down one of those things, you know what "frustrating" is! (Thanks mom, you're the best!)

Anyway, a lot has happened since I last wrote. My pals Death From Above 1979 were on Conan O'Brien and I got to sit in the front row at the taping, all screaming and shaking with so much nervous energy and joy for them. And Conan? He made a pass. I'm not gonna lie.

What else? Oh yeah! I have a new friend and her name is Liz. Liz is awesome for many reasons and not just because her name is Liz, thereby preventing people from calling *me* Liz. We have a lot in common. For instance: she is also tall, and also blonde. We are also both Cancers and have a lot of personal 'greatest hits' that involve incidents with alcohol and such. And, perhaps most miraculously, she also gets along with Byron.

So basically, if the Federal Court of Appeals decides to re-remove my feeding tube? She will replace me as your friend. She will write this diary as well- the only difference being she eats meat and loves coffee, two things I don't partake in/despise, respectively. If you can handle that and would like to get a jump on getting to know her, please email me for her phone number.

K thanks!

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