2 Fast, 2 Furious

I am too busy stocking up on whiskey and firearms for tomorrow's candidate debate to write any of my trademark HILARIOUS shit. I wanted to propose that everytime Bush says "terror" (or freedom, your choice) Cristi and I would take a shot of Canadian Club but then I realized we would be drunk within the first 5 minutes.

Anyway, here is some random stuff from Thursday and Friday.


Me and Misty swapped a shoe.


Totally ugly but maybe those whitening strips are working?
The owl mask I bought totally made the evening.

Next DFA79 promo shot obviously.


Jesse you're supposed to close your eyes!

post-Early Man show. Sweaty/Radical.
And here is an awesome shot Cecilia took on Thursday night after my camera had long since commited suicide.

I swiped a bottle of martini and rossi from behind the bar. Note to self: Actually look to see what you grab next time so you don't end up with some shit that tastes like soy sauce.

Banner weekend! Hoooray!

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