Fingerbangs: Death From Above takes America

So Boston/Cambridge was pretty wack. Harvard kids really ARE the nerds you would imagine them to be! At one point, Dennis and I were smoking outside the radio station, having wedged a program booklet in the door to keep us from getting locked out. Some Harvard girl came by and was all confused and swiping her card but I just opened the door for her by pulling on the program guide, but as she walked by I believe I said "And YOU'RE the one that goes to Harvard?" and then "Fuckin brainiac" after she had already entered the building.

Yeah, Dennis and I had almost decided not even to bother taking it to the top because there were about 5 people at the show but then, as Dennis so aptly put it, "man! fuck a Cambridge!" we took it to the top in a most belligerent fashion. So instead of staying in Boston we began driving to New York around 2am. Slept in the van in some rest stop in Connecticut, woke up and I had hot chocolate made by a robot, we got to New York by 11am. GOOD TIMES. HOT 97!!

And here is the email I just sent to the March Records mailing list...

blacks and black sympathisers-

Those of you that have met me know I am the coolest person on this list. and those of you who haven't met me are obviously too fat to leave the house-

but I thought I would invite you to a show that will rock your body more than Justin Timberlake threatened to. Death from Above are from Toronto. Their EP was the number 1 seller on Insound a few weeks in a row but you may have missed it. There is an MP3 on the Ache Records website. which is located at

So basically. They are playing at the Knitting Factory at around 8:30. It's an early show that starts at 6 but I'm not here to promote a bunch of other bands, I really just want you to see some nice Canadians, and they want to see you. And if you do go, remember to say you are there for Death From Above so that they get money to get some poutine or beaver tails or whatever those people eat.

Thanks and God Bless,

A little intense? Or just right?

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