I'll just get right to it. DFA1979 (do I REALLY have to say '1979'? Do I? I don't want to.) blew in with their management /lawyer team which includes my favorite lawyer- Chris Taylor. The dudes were super hungry and we could only find this swank restaurant so we ate there.

Look at the size of the fucking "steak"!! Sebastien ate it in three bites. Oh well.

Jesse's australian girlfriend, Misty, promised she'd dance all crazy with me but she LIED so I was on my own. Like I care bros! Sebastien meandered through the crowd and even yanked on some dude's afro for humorous effects.

After the party, it's the after party. Jesse and I were smoking and loitering in front of 2 signs advising against those two activities in particular. C'est la vie.

I think there is a scientific equation that maps 2 equal and opposite lines that parallel liver deterioration and 'fascination with the mundane/retarded', respectively. Does that make sense? Whatever- I think these bathroom sink photos shred. Kohler should hire us.

Keren Richter drawings bro! In a case of small-worldedness, Keren went and stayed with Jesse and Sebastien at their house in Toronto after 9/11.


This picture was one of the last of the evening I think. Before everyone left while I was in the bathroom and I called Sebastien to hiccup into the phone for 5 minutes? Yeah, sometime around then. From left to right, Cristi, Alex, eBeth, Jesse, Cecilia and the hand of Jamie Farkas.

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