Detroit Crock City

Tomorrow I start my world tour. It kicks off in Michigan. WIth stops in Detroit and Ann Arbor. Then Tuesday i take on Manhattan, Rockaway and New Jersey. Hit Toronto back for a couple weeks, then it's time for my rematch with NYC and then on to my grand tussle with London, England....

Anyway, enough about me and how I am probably going to get suicide bombed.

Here is a snippet of a conversation i had with my cousin today

ReeMonster: dude, the world is going to shit
fevrier records: yeah?
ReeMonster: have you heard about this miss world thing?
fevrier records: i was just saying today that , with the exception of Shakira, I think things are about to get way rad....

But no. The world truly is fucked! Like if this is really the apocalypse then I don't have to worry about eating too many carbs- sure. And whle that may be kind of awesome it comes with a very huge pricetag. Like I will never get to have babies so my entire Martha Stewart magazine collection is essentially useless. Ugh.


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